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Zimbra® Spam Protection Plugin

Now you can enable spam protection for your Zimbra mail server! MagicSpam is a very simple and easy to install antispam product for Zimbra, and is designed to reduce the overhead, bandwidth, and backscatter resulting from spam attacks by blocking spam before it reaches your mailbox. Please visit our features page or contact us for more information about MagicSpam.

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Simple to Install, Easy to Use

Complete with one click install, logging, exemption lists and control panel. Now you can have the MagicSpam protection in your SMTP Service! Stops spam before it enters your server, reduces overhead and backscatter and makes your life easy again.

Unlimited Protection for One License

MagicSpam for Zimbra is ONLY $13.99 USD/month for unlimited users and domains. Download your copy today and find out for yourself why we have a growing network of satisfied users.

MagicSpam Plugin



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Product Features

  • Unlimited Email Address Protection
  • Easy to Setup and Simple to Use
  • Reduces Bandwidth Usage
  • Reduces Backscatter
  • Reduces Overhead
  • Mail Server Profiling
  • Email Best Practices Verification
  • IP Reputation from local cache
  • MipSpace and SpamRats subscription included

Find out more about MagicSpam Product Features

Advanced Spam Protection Done Right

Receive updates several times a day, to provide more Zero Day Protection against new attackers. MagicSpam is very simple to use, no messy command line settings, with complete spam statistics. Stop the Spam BEFORE you accept it. Edge Level protection helps improve your Zimbra servers' email performance as well as stopping Spam for yourself and for your users.

Block Spam Before It Reaches You

MagicSpam targets spam and removes it before it gets in your inbox by integrating directly into the SMTP layer. By blocking instead of filtering, MagicSpam reduces the overhead and resources needed by your hosting servers during spam attacks. No need to change settings, DNS, or other complicated setups. Full statistics, logging, custom whitelist/blacklists, rate limiters, and more.

MagicSpam User Testimonial

From Matt

"MagicSpam is such a relief, it simply blocks out most of the rubbish that gets thrown at the server, and I mean most! 1765 email today, only 20 let through none of which were spam! Excellent support and well priced. Keep it up."

MagicSpam User Testimonial

From Nancy

"MagicSpam is by far the easiest and most powerful spam filter on the market. Installation is a piece of cake. If everyone were to install MagicSpam for their mail servers, it just might put spammers out of business!"

Spam Protection Reseller Program

For Hosting Providers

For Hosting Service Providers please inquire about our Reseller Program. Remember, if you are a HSP, and you want to make it easier for your customers to receive spam protection, or are looking for ways to upsell your customers, please check out our Resellers Signup Pages for more information. For larger HSP's, feel free to ask about our Gold Partner Program!