Company Information

MagicSpam® is brought to you by mThreat Technologies Inc.

MagicSpam - brought to you by mThreat Technologies Inc.

mThreat® is a Threat Intelligence company under the Wizard Group of Companies with vast expertise in Threat Research, Email Security, and Linux Development. Our security techonologies have been and are continued to be used by the ISP, Telco, and Enterprise markets.

The combination of our domain expertise and industry knowledge has allowed us to create reliable and effective solutions to the most pressing problems plaguing email operators today. These solutions are made available to email operators of all sizes through MagicSpam®.

Philosophy and Vision Statements

MagicSpam® philosophies are clear.

We are here to make spam protection simple. It is your inbox, and you have the right to control what reaches it, and those controls should be easy enough for anyone to understand. We carry the same strong commitment to make the world a better place, 'One keystroke at a time' that our parent companies take pride in, and our job is to ease your pains. It is important to offer the highest levels of service and support, and to build long lasting relationships with our customer base.

We believe all email and network operators are responsible for the activity on them.

And mostly, we believe that Spam can be controlled. But it requires that the spam protection is integrated right in the email servers. We intend to ensure that every operator of an email server that does not have built-in spam protection, can use MagicSpam to ensure that it does. We want MagicSpam to be available for every platform, and every MTA and to make it as cost effective as possible. It should be as simple, and straight forward as your virus protection is, and we are using the same model where for pennies per day your whole server is protected. And it should be available in every country, in every language.

And of course, we would like the name MagicSpam® to become synonymous with Spam Protection.